Sunday, 23 November 2014

Charlotte Vardy: From the heart…

Charlotte Vardy reflects on another week of #reconsult…

Recent contributions to #reconsult have belied a deep confusion about the nature and purpose of Religious Studies. Is RS, at GCSE and/or A Level, the same as legally required RE? Is it designed to prepare students with the knowledge and skills to embark on degrees in Theology specifically? Or, is RS at GCSE and/or A Level another beast entirely?

Some contributors to #reconsult actually believe that they are discussing the future of GCSE and/or A Level Religious Education. This may be a slip of the tongue or, it may be more significant.
If GCSE and/or A Level Religious Studies are simply certificated courses in RE then their content and skills should fulfil the legal brief of providing young people with the opportunity to learn about world religions and particularly about Christianity, the dominant local Religious tradition. However, the proposed content fails to do justice to the legal – or moral – brief.

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