Friday, 14 November 2014

Friday Thoughts....

From Daniel Hugill...

Some challenges & observations from #reconsult discussions so far follow this tweet. Something to provoke thoughts on a wet Friday morning. <L>

1) Seems to be some reluctance to teach about religion and belief. Are we embarrassed by it? <L>

2) Some students we teach are not religious. This means they aren’t interested in studying religions and beliefs. Is this true? <L>

3) That a focused study of religion involves lower level skills that belong in KS3 and not at GCSE or A-level. Is that right? <L>

4) That the popularity of courses will fall if we approach religion using a wider range of approaches. Do you agree? <L>

5) That a focused study of religion and belief cannot be made interesting and engaging by skilled RE teachers. Do you agree? <L>

What not write a response to these questions and get it posted here? <Link>

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