Tuesday, 11 November 2014

A Level Religious Studies – in intellectu or in re?

Charlotte Vardy muses on the future of Religious Studies…
I write this in the middle of preparing an A Level Philosophy of Religion conference, which we are taking to nearly 4000 sixth form Religious Studies students at venues around England for the rest of this month.  One of my sessions is on the Ontological Argument, building through consideration of St Anselm’s Proslogion and Descartes’ Meditations and the classic criticisms of Immanuel Kant to the insights of Karl Barth, Iris Murdoch and the bigger questions of what it is to exist, to be real and true, and how language relates to reality.
It got me thinking, not just about Philosophy, but about the ongoing consultation about the future of most young peoples’ opportunity to explore these questions, A Level Religious Studies.
Is it better for something to exist in reality, or just in the mind?

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