Sunday, 16 November 2014

Laura, an A2 student, writes...

It is tragic to see Governmental reforms determine the fate of such an interesting and useful subject; if these changes are implemented, Philosophy and Ethics will become, without a doubt, a "studentless" subject! After having studied the Philosophy and Ethics courses, both at GCSE level and currently at A-level standard, I can definitely say that the 50% balance between the two disciplines has allowed me to understand their significance and relevance as individual subjects.  
Equally, although we must learn certain parts of different religious scripture in order to attain the top bands, we need to continue the deeper study of the aforementioned subjects so that we may fully understand the meaning of religious quotations.
Additionally, if these new reforms are introduced, the rates of employability for students who study this subject will dramatically decrease; employers will prefer candidates who have more knowledge in Philosophy and Ethics, rather than mainly Scripture, as the former equips candidates with transferable skills that last a lifetime. 
If anyone of importance or in an influential position is reading this, we implore you – stop these new reforms from destroying a fantastic subject!

Laura Connelly (A2 Student of Philosophy and Ethics, Finham Park School) 

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