Thursday, 4 December 2014

From bad to worse…

Charlotte Vardy continues her contributions to the #reconsult...

The more often I read the DfE’s proposed content for GCSE and A Level Religious Studies, the more I find that causes me real concern.

Tonight I copied the content of the three different elements of the proposed GCSE into the left hand column of a table and then pasted in the content of the three elements of the proposed AS/A Level. There is an amazing amount of overlap between the GCSE and the AS content.

I thought that a central aim of this process was to move on from the narrow focus of existing Philosophy of Religion and Ethics courses, forcing students to get a broader understanding of the subject. Why, then, has the subject matter of two of the three elements of the GCSE been almost entirely duplicated in the AS Level… and some of the content of the third option to boot? Sure, the level expected will be higher at AS or A, but that does nothing to broaden students’ appreciation of the subject.

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